The Cannonball One Lap of America provides the ultimate challenge since the car must be fast, durable, and endurable.

This unique combination of competitive factors breeds a car that is not only fast, but comfortable enough to drive everyday on the street.

This week-long event takes the competitors across the U.S. at street legal speeds to various racetracks for the timed speed events.

#007's acheivements thus far include:

  • Fastest Time of Day, 2000 Cannonball One Lap -- Michigan International Speedway
  • Fastest Time of Day, 2000 Cannonball One Lap -- Gingerman Raceway
  • Fastest Quarter Mile*, 2002 Cannonball One Lap -- Indianapolis Raceway Park
  • Fastest Lap, 2002 HSR Group 11 -- California Speedway 1:54.139 (long course)
  • Third-Place 2002 Super Tuner Challenge -- Michigan International Speedway

* This All-Time Record held for eight years in the Cannonball One Lap of America.

This same car earned numerous other titles while in the capable hands of Mr. Beck's talented son, Randy Beck.

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